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Convergence Overview

Rich web applications, mobile apps, and the cloud have made our data more accessible and easy to share than ever. The world is producing, storing, and sharing incredible amounts of data. We can now capture moments, express ourselves, and share our experiences with others, regardless of where in the world they are. While sharing information with others is great, most software still makes it very difficult to actually create things together. Native, highly interactive, real-time collaboration is the next quantum leap in application development. Unfortunately, the infrastructure required to support effective real-time collaboration is highly complex, time consuming, and expensive to build.

While a few notable companies with massive resources have realized the importance of collaboration and invested time and money to develop in-house solutions, the technical complexities involved have slowed the proliferation of collaborative content creation in most application domains. This is unfortunate as the world becomes more distributed, and users are demanding collaborative capabilities in all of their applications. Soon applications that don't support collaboration content creation will look outdated, and users will opt for competing applications with such functionality.

But what are application developers to do? You are focused on your application domain, and can't afford the months required to learn the complex algorithms, cognitive science, and user experience aspects of delivering effective collaboration.

Enter Convergence, a revolutionary collaborative application development platform. Convergence provides all the functionality needed to build (and run) highly interactive collaborative applications in a single, easy to use API.

This developer guide provides an overview of the core concepts and features of Convergence. It is not an all-encompassing set of API docs, but instead gives a high-level overview of development.