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Direct Chat

Direct chats are between a fixed set of users that are specified on creation. Members cannot be added or removed. For this reason, an immutable additional otherUsers property is available on the DirectChat instance.

Unlike channels or rooms, direct chats do not have any metadata like a name or topic.

Note that you cannot "leave" a direct chat. Once created, the communication line between members is open, until the chat is explictly removed via the ChatService.

Direct chats have a similar analogue in Slack's "direct messages".

// Create a chat
chatService.directChat(['jimbob', 'blarbara']).then(chat => {

  // Send a message
  chat.send("Welcome y'all!");

  // Listen for incoming messages
  chat.on("message", (evt) => {
    console.log(evt.message, evt.user.username); // "Ahoy there jimbob"

  chatService.leave( // Error

  return chatService.remove(;  
}).then(() => {
  console.log("So long");
}).catch(e => {