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Chat Permissions

Permissions for specific chat rooms can be set at a few different levels: For anybody ("world"), a group of users, or a specific user. More-specific permissions will override less-specific ones, so a user's explicit permission would override the group's permission which the user is in, which would itself override any world permission for a Chat.

The ChatPermissionsManager provides a variety of functions to get or set permissions for a specific user, group, or globally ("world").

By default, a room's creator is assigned all permissions.

The list of configurable permissions are:


Resolved vs explicit permissions

The current user's permissions can be queried with chatPermissionManager.getPermissions(). This represents the resolved set of permissions, meaning the computed permissions for this user after factoring in any world, group and user permissions. All other methods on the ChatPermissionManager pertain to explicit permissions, and could be used to e.g. populate and modify a <table> of permissions per-user or per-group.

chatService.create('myRoomId').then(chatId => {
  let manager = chatService.permissions(chatId);

  manager.getPermissions() // ["create_chat", "remove_chat", "join_chat", "leave_chat", "add_chat_user", "remove_chat_user", "set_chat_name", "set_topic", "manage_chat_permissions"]

  manager.setWorldPermissions(["join_chat", "leave_chat", "add_chat_user", "set_topic"]);