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Real Time Object References

References within RealTimeObjects are focused on maintaining a list of properties in the object consistent with the data model as it changes.

Property References

An property reference represents one or more properties in the object that must be adjusted while the data is changing. For example, imagine a diagram editor app where there are a few shapes on the canvas. Communicating the selection of such a shape would be important, and it falls in the realm of transient data, so it would make sense to track using a reference.

In the example, each shape may be an object within a "shapes" object, whose key is an unique ID.

const rtShapes = model.elementAt("shapes");
const selectedRef = rtShapes.propertyReference("selected");

// add a selected shape

Listen to remote selections:

const rtShapes = model.elementAt("shapes");
const selectionRefs = rtShapes.references({key: "selected"});
if(selectionRefs.length > 0) {
  selectionRefs[0].on("set", (e) => {
    console.log('Selected shapes': e.values());