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Binary Distributions

Convergence publishes several binary artifacts

The majority of our JavaScript packages can be found on at the link below:

Most packages are published under the @convergence scope.

Maven Central

The majority of the Scala / Java for server side components are deployed within the Maven Central Repository under the organization com.convergencelabs. They can be found here:


JavaScript Client

The Convergence JavaScript Client can be found here:

Convergence Admin Console

A fully built, static version of the Convergence Admin Console can be found here:

Convergence Protocol

The Convergence Protocol Buffer Project is published both for JavaScript as well as Java / Scala. They can be found at the links below:

Convergence Server Jar

The jar distribution of the Convergence Server that contains all server logic can be found below:

Convergence Server Native Binary Distribution

The binary distribution of the server that contains a bundled JVM and startup scripts can be found below:

This distribution is idea if you would like to run the server outside of a container.