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RealTimeBooleans are similar to JavaScript booleans. They are a simple data type representing a boolean value:


The methods of the RealTimeBoolean simply set the boolean value of the element. For the following examples, assume the data model looks like the following:

  "isActive": true

Getting the Boolean's Value

The booleans's value can be obtained using the zero argument value() method.

const bool = root.get("isActive");
console.log(bool.value()); // true

Setting the Boolean's Value

The boolean value can be set using the single argument value(boolean) method. Once called, the boolean will be equal to the value specified.

const bool = root.get("isActive");
console.log(bool.value()); // false


See the API documentation for more details of the RealTimeBoolean methods and events.

Event Description
"value" Emitted when the booleans's value is set.
"detached" Emitted when the element is detached from the model.