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Kubernetes is the de facto standard in OCI container orchestration. It provides cluster management, software defined networking, software defined storage. Kubernetes will manage deploying containers across a cluster of nodes and make a best effort to make sure the containers you want running stay running. There are several popular kubernetes distributions. If you are new to Kubernetes we recommend taking a look at the following options:

  • k3d: Will run a single node Kubernetes cluster.
  • kops: Will automate deployment Kubernetes to the cloud.
  • okd: A full-fledged open source Kubernetes, it's a bit more heavy weight but comes with everything you need. Take a look at minishift for a single node deployment of OKD.
  • Rancher RKE2: RKE2 is a production grade Kubernetes implementation that simplifies installation and upgrade of Kubernetes.

For other Kubernetes distributions and other related software check out the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Landscape.

Convergence in Kubernetes

Convergence Labs runs our Convergence instance in Kubernetes. However, due to the complexity of Kubernetes, Convergence Labs only provides support for Kubernetes deployments as part of our commercial support package. We are happy to answer basic question, but in depth support requires a paid plan.

We hope to release a Helm Chart to simply installation in Kubernetes in the future.